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  • 19/03/2015 LIC (International) launches its mobile application 'LIC Intl' for android & iOS applications.
  • 16/03/2015 LIC International Launches a Pure Term Assurance Plan (For Bahrain,Kuwait & Qatar Only).
  • 19/05/2014 Maiden Group Term Insurance Plan Launched.



This is a unique Investment cum Insurance Plan from LIC (International).


This is a policy designed on the basis of suggestions from cross section of Indian expatriates to help them face the challenges posed by the uncertainties of this ever changing world.

Whether we like it or not, some developments do take place in this ever-changing world, which result in a sense of uncertainty. Whatever be the reasons, uncertainty results in insecurity and if it pertains to livelihood or occupation of a person, it adversely affects the fate of the entire family. An insecure person needs to be guided as he is looking for some solution.


1). If a policy holder has paid premium for 2 years Jana Raksha policy provides the unique facility of risk coverage on the life of the assured for a period of 3 years even though policy holder is unable to pay further premium.

2). By making regular payment of premium, the life assured receives the Sum Assured with accrued bonus on the date of maturity.

3). In the unfortunate event of death, before the date of maturity, Sum Assured with accrued bonuses are paid to nominee, i.e. wife and/or child.



Accident Benefit




Policy can be transferred to LlC of India on repatriation of the policy holder to India. The transfer will be effected only if full first year's premium is paid and on completion of one year from the date of acceptance, provided the policy is in full force for the full sum assured and on receipt of a written request from the policy holder. The sum assured and attached bonus, if any, shall stand altered to the equivalent Indian rupee amount at the rate of exchange, current on the date on which the request for transfer is received by the Company and subject to the instructions current on that date of Reserve Bank of India.




A nominal addition (of one per thousand sum assured for Full Term) to your premium entitles you to additional special benefits as described below subject to certain conditions.

a) The cover under the life policy is doubled in case of death due to accident. The maximum Double Accident Benefit payable is US$ 100,000.

b) In case of permanent and total disability arising out of accident;

1 All future premiums are waived.

2 An additional amount equal to the sum assured will be paid in 120 equal monthly installments spread over 10 years.

3 Moreover, whenever the policy matures or death claim arises, the original sum assured with vested bonuses will be paid, along with unpaid installments of disability benefits if any.