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  • 19/03/2015 LIC (International) launches its mobile application 'LIC Intl' for android & iOS applications.
  • 16/03/2015 LIC International Launches a Pure Term Assurance Plan (For Bahrain,Kuwait & Qatar Only).
  • 19/05/2014 Maiden Group Term Insurance Plan Launched.




LIC (International) has the pleasure to offer to the caring and concerned parents like you -Professional Education Plan - to ensure the fulfillment of your dream of making your child a top professional.


For a policy of $100,000, the plan provides the following guaranteed payments on the policy anniversary falling due after the life assured's attaining the age mentioned below:

1) $20,000 on surviving the age of 18 years

2) $20,000 on surviving the age of 19 years

3) $20,000 on surviving the age of 20 years

4) $20,000 on surviving the age of 21 years

5) $20,000 on surviving the age of 22 years

6) Guaranteed Addition on surviving the age of 23 years


A policy of $100,000 would provide for payment of yearly guaranteed addition of $2500 (at the rate of 25 per thousand) for each policy year payable to the life assured on surviving the age of 23 years - or earlier in the event of death.

Who can propose and what if the proposer is no more? Father, Mother (having income of her own) and Legal Guardian (if both parents are not alive) can propose under the Plan. If the proposer is no more, he/she can still fulfill the dream by opting for the special rider Premium Waiver Benefit. By paying a little extra premium the policy can be kept in force for the full policy period without paying any future premium in the unfortunate event of the parent not being alive (conditions apply)


Family can additionally be benefited by insuring a parent for 20% of the sum assured by paying an additional premium (Conditions apply)


It is a unique plan which operates as a life insurance policy on the life of the child from the policy anniversary after the child attains the age of 7 or 2 years from the date of commencement of the policy, whichever is later.



Flexible options in Premium




Policy can be transferred to LlC of India on repatriation of the policy holder to India. The transfer will be effected only if full first year's premium is paid and on completion of one year from the date of acceptance, provided the policy is in full force for the full sum assured and on receipt of a written request from the policy holder. The sum assured and attached bonus, if any, shall stand altered to the equivalent Indian rupee amount at the rate of exchange, current on the date on which the request for transfer is received by the Company and subject to the instructions current on that date of Reserve Bank of India.




You need not invest big amounts to buy a policy. You can pay monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly installments for the full term (FT) of the policy or limited (LT) to 5 years as per your choice (Standard Conditions apply). The different options are:

a) Limited premium payment facility is available to help you to fulfill your obligation of payment of premium within a period of 5 years and thus earn an attractive discount.

b) Premium Sealing /Communication facility enables you to pay advance premium at an attractive discount and keep the policy in force.